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What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance Laws

While the vast majority of people know that auto insurance is important and necessary for protecting that which they own or even themselves, far fewer people know just how crucial it can be to have insurance protection to cover the things that you could invariably cause or do to others.

What do I mean by this? Let’s say you were in a car accident and you were, without a doubt, the at-fault…

Someone Has Hit My Car & Now Their Insurance Company Says it’s Totaled

There’s nothing worse than a car accident. Okay, perhaps an accident where your car is seriously damaged and you weren’t even the at-fault driver is worse. The truth is, such an accident can happen at any time, anywhere and to anyone. This is precisely why it’s crucial to have adequate auto insurance coverage.

So, then, what happens if another person hits your car and their insuranc…

I Let an Uninsured Person Drive My Car & They Got Into an Accident—Now What?

What happens if I let an Uninsured Person Drive My Car & They Got Into an Accident—Now What?
We’ve all done it before; lent our vehicles to a friend or a family member. What you never imagine (or at least you never hope will happen) is that they get into an accident while behind the wheel of your car. In reality, however, their chances of having this happen aren’t all that slim.


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Check out the brand new Chicago Insurance Market website. We tried to make the site easy to navigate and have a great look and feel so our customers can feel at home on our brand new site. Go ahead take a look…

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