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General Liability for Contractors Starting at $500 a Year

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No, it’s not that the insurance industry is out to get you, to force you into paying more than you should for insurance by making the process of comparing Chicago contractors insurance quotes so arduous. It’s just that there’s never really been a streamlined, more efficient way to get quotes from multiple companies other than filling out countless rate request forms or calling companies for their quotes. That is, until now. was created as the solution to the traditionally long and frustrating process of finding and comparing Chicago contractors insurance quotes, or prices on any insurance policies for that matter. We know that people like you are busy and spending several hours just trying to get estimates on an insurance policy isn’t realistic for most people. So, on our one, easy-to-use site, we’ve brought together everything you need to compare prices and the best news is, we’ll do all of the work for you.

When you visit our site, you simply need to send us your name and phone number so that one of our agents can call you (within 5 minutes during normal business hours) and get the ball rolling in the process of finding Chicago contractors insurance quotes. They will contact the various insurance companies and they will work on your behalf to put together the rates you need for the sake of comparison.

From there, you can decide which quote and which policy fits your needs the best and our team will then help you streamline the application process for purchasing your policy. In the past, you would have had to fill out several pages of paper work to apply for a policy, but we’ve changed all that by replacing the paper application with a quick, phone-based version. In less time than you ever thought possible, you will have done all of your shopping around and found and purchased precisely the policy you needed.

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