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I Let an Uninsured Person Drive My Car & They Got Into an Accident—Now What?

What happens if I let an Uninsured Person Drive My Car & They Got Into an Accident—Now What?

We’ve all done it before; lent our vehicles to a friend or a family member. What you never imagine (or at least you never hope will happen) is that they get into an accident while behind the wheel of your car. In reality, however, their chances of having this happen aren’t all that slim.

But what if that friend or family member doesn’t have auto insurance? Are you destined to pay for all of the repairs and damages yourself? Will you be charged? The long and short of it is that whoever owns the vehicle that was at-fault in the accident is responsible. This means that even though you weren’t behind the wheel when the car got into an accident, if your vehicle injures another person, they could still take you to court and sue for damages. It will also mean that it’s your vehicle’s insurance that is involved in the claims and your premiums that are likely to increase if claims are made.

With that being said, it is important to note that not all auto insurance policies will cover a person, such as a friend or family member, who isn’t named on the policy. With a policy that does cover an occasional driver such as a friend, your insurance company will be required to pay for any damages regardless of whether it was you or someone else behind the wheel.

There are a few exceptions to these insurance ‘rules,’ one of which is if you lent your vehicle to a friend, only to have it stolen. If your vehicle is taken without permission and damage occurs, it’s the person driving who is responsible and not the vehicle owner.

Another situation where such an exception may exist is with valets at restaurants and hotels. If a valet damages your vehicle while parking it, you won’t be responsible. Valet companies have their own insurance to cover such incidents.

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