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What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance Laws

While the vast majority of people know that auto insurance is important and necessary for protecting that which they own or even themselves, far fewer people know just how crucial it can be to have insurance protection to cover the things that you could invariably cause or do to others.

What do I mean by this? Let’s say you were in a car accident and you were, without a doubt, the at-fault driver. Now let’s say that the other driver’s vehicle was seriously damaged in the wreck. Or, that the other driver was seriously injured. This is where knowing about auto insurance laws and the types of insurance that will protect you in such situations is vital.

Especially if another person is injured in an accident you caused, you could be faced with paying for their medical bills, the time they have to take off from work and other expenses related to their injuries. If you have the correct or proper amount of coverage, your insurance policy would step in to help compensate in this situation. If you don’t, however, you would be forced to come up with the money some other way. In the case of serious injuries, this could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you were unable to pay this to the injured driver, it’s likely they would then take you to court for the damages. This is precisely why you need bodily injury liability.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to have a policy that will pay for others’ medical expenses and car repairs, these are the costs that could literally bankrupt an individual. If you wish to also get coverage that will cover the cost of your own injuries or car repairs, there are other insurance policies that can be added to bodily injury insurance.

To learn more about auto insurance laws or the policies that will provide you with adequate protection, contact a licensed insurance agent today.

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